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Our featured product line is pole line hardware.

Come take a look at some of the material we sell. Some of the material we keep in stock includes, D-clevis's, Machine bolts, Double arming bolts, Cut-outs and Arrestors. For a complete list take look at the 3rd press release page of this site and see what we have in stock at the moment. We keep these items in stock so that we can offer you the best lead times and competitive pricing. You may recognize some of the material listed below.....

In pole line hardware we presently have the following machine bolts available to ship immediately from our stock. Give us a call for for pricing!


Machine Bolts; 5/8" x 10" , 5/8" x 12" , 5/8" x 14" , 5/8" x 16", 5/8" x 18", D-clevises, Double Arming Bolts, Oval Eye Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Clamps, and all types of Pole line hardware.

In cut-outs we have and carry the 15KV and 27KV items.


In arrestors we have and carry 10KV and 27KV units, call for pricing!!


Should you need information or pricing please do not hesitate to call us at PECO or fill out our contact form, and we will be glad to support you in whatever way possible..

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