This is a partial list of the manufacturer's we represent.

  • Advance Transformer Company
  • General Electric Lighting
  • Raab Lighting
  • Universal Ballast
  • American Electric/Lithonia
  • H. H. Fluorescent Parts
  • Regent Lighting
  • Utility Metals
  • American Metal Products
  • PECO Quartz
  • ALR Photocontrols
  • Valmont
  • Fisher Pierce
  • Philips Lighting Company
  • Sylvania International

Our Featured Manufacturer is:

Phillips Lighting International, which can provide with lamp needs for all occasions, from HID, Fluorescent, Incandescent & and the NEW SL & PL lines.

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American Electric Lighting Includes, Roadway, Security, Flood and Sports Lighting. Take a look at the products below and see. Should need pricing please do not hesitate give us a call, fax or Email and we will get in touch with with your price...


Roadway Lighting (includes the cobra head and the new Durastar) The Cobra Heads from American Electric come in the following types: HPS, Mercury Vapor, or Metal Hallide. The ballast found inside comes in the following types: HPS, Mercury Vapor, or Metal Hallide. The Ballast Found inside are from Advance Transformer or produced by American Electric they are available in Reactor, Auto-Regulated, Lag-Auto, Regulated, CWA, and Multi-Tap Ballast.

HPS Lighting: 35-250 Watts
Metal Hallide: 100-250 Watts
Mercury Vapor: 100-250 Watts
Available Voltages: 120,208,240,277,480 or Multi-Tap



Security Lighting includes, the Package L and B, as well as the Nema-Head and are available in HPS, LPS, and Mercury Vapor.

HPS Lighting: 50-250 Watts
LPS Lighting: 35 Watts
Mercury Vapor: 100-250 Watts


American Electric is one 2 manufacturer's in the industry that actually makes a true nema head


Our Floodlighting products include the FloodMaster, Ultra-Flood and Sports Lighting. They are also, available in HPS, Mercury Vapor, and Metal Hallide Fixtures.

HPS: 70-400 Watts
Mercury Vapor: 250/400 Watts
Metal Hallide: 175-400 Watts


Should you need pricing or product information, please do not hesitate to call on us at PECO or fill out our contact form! We are a full service Manufacturer's Representative and we can get you the pricing you need if you just tell us what you need....