Our Mission

We pride ourselves in the ability to get you the best quality U.S. Manufactured Products in the shortest lead-times, as well as the best price available in the market. If we can keep you competitive and you see the benefits of increased business you'll come back to PECO. That's exactly what we are hoping, that you comeback and do business with us again. We are not like the other exporters who tell you constantly they can't meet the price. We will always try and get you the price you need!

Company Profile

PECO was established in 1963 by Jose I. Lopez, Sr., and currently holds the position of CEO of our company. He is our resident expert on Roadway lighting should you have any questions concerning that product.

Joe, Sr. holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and is our Caribbean expert at the company. If you need technical advice on a project he is usually the person that can answer your questions.

Orlando handles all of Central America and parts of South America and is well versed in the Central American markets.

Finally, Jorge, whose responsibilities include quoting some parts of Central America, South America and The Caribbean. Jorge has Bachelor's in Political Science and an MBA.

We would like to point out that we are qualified staff that can provide you with technical knowledge that you may or may not need when the job requires it!

PECO is a member of I.E.E.E., CARILEC as well as a member of the International Engineering Society.

One of PECO's customers recently stated:

"Had it not been for PECO's quick response and competitive pricing, we would have never gotten power restored to the island in the time we did!"
- General Manager for a Caribbean Utility Company.