We are PECO International Electric, Inc. and we are Representatives/Distributors for the following U.S. Companies.

A.B. Chance
ALR (Area Lighting Research) Photocontrols
American Electric Lighting
AMP Power Products
Anderson Electric
Electrical Control & Distribution
Fargo Connectors
Fisher Pierce
General Electric Lighting
Hendrix Wire & Cable
Howard Industries

Jefferson Electric Transformers
Kerite Cable Services
Line Power
MacLean Power Systems
Ohio Brass
Philips Lighting
R.S. Pole Manufacturing

PECO International Electric has been in business now for over 63 years as a representative and distributor for U.S. electrical companies. We are a family owned and operated business whose staff is multilingual and serves to assist our customers to the best of their abilities. When we answer your call, rest assured that you are speaking to someone that can help you make your final decision because of the experience we have.

Serving as the largest and most competitive exporter in the South-Eastern Region of the United States for Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, Central and South America in terms of pricing and lead times! We offer the best for our clients because we believe customer satisfaction is key. But if you don’t believe us then believe our clients, ask the manufacturer’s listed above!

Aside from the manufacturers we have listed above, we also represent many other U.S. firms. If you would like to know what other lines we have, please feel free to browse through our products’ pages and see what else we have to offer. Or, if you would like to speak with us directly then message us through our chat box located at the bottom right of the page.

We stood the test of time, because we are able to supply you quality products below budget and before your deadline. We pride ourselves in retaining our customers and consistently servicing them! If you order from us, we are sure that you will become a regular client. We know that our commitment to you, our customer, in terms of price, service, and delivery time will be your biggest draw to come back.

That is why we are confident that our clients say that PECO International Electric is the best! Either when it comes to the way we represent ourselves, how we consistently sell the most, or how we have the best pricing in the market! It is our goal to offer the best to our clients so that we maintain our excellent reputation.

Currently, we have close working relations with all of the manufacturers we represent. This leads to having more than optimal performance from them, whether it comes to getting faster responses or processing orders with minimal delays. We have been in business for over 63 years, take advantage of the connections and resources we have available. If you would like to know more information, give us a call or message us directly through our chat box.