Electro Industries

Shark® 270

The Shark® 270 is a socket form revenue meter designed for both critical meter applications and basic commercial/industrial metering applications. It is a significant departure from existing technology, incorporating high-end revenue metering functions in an economical design.

The Shark® 270 meter is a full four quadrant, bidirectional revenue meter that can also be used for inter-tie metering. Its 0.15% metrology accuracy meets and exceeds all the accuracy requirements of ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2% and IEC 62053-22 CL 0.2S. The meter has advanced revenue metering features that allow it to be used not only for measuring basic energy, but also for providing a full complement of necessary tools, such as transformer/line loss compensation, CT/PT compensation, advanced test mode, perpetual TOU, and extensive logging for interval energy storage.

The Shark® 270 meter is designed to be field upgradeable. When enabled, the meter will provide extensive power quality features, including the ability to measure harmonics to the 40th order. In addition, it will provide a captured waveform of voltage surges and sags; current fault events; imbalance analysis, including symmetrical components; and much more.