EntellEon* Low Voltage Power Panel

Introducing EntellEon*, the new low voltage power panel from GE. EntellEon offers a more versatile alternative to traditional power panels.

A-Series* II Panelboard

This panel’s flexible design, ease of installation and competitive price make it the obvious choice for contractors and consultants. There are over 12,000 combinations; most

A-Series* II Pro-Stock* Panelboard

Get almost any lighting panel you want – Right Now! Modular kits can be pulled from a distributor stock and assembled to form over 1500 different lighting panel…

A-Series* II Powerpanel

Allows users to install larger frame breakers as branch devices. This results in smaller and lighter panelboards that are ideal for commercial construction.

A-Series* II Branch Circuit Monitoring

An energy management product that lets users monitor key electrical parameters down to a branch circuit level. This information can then be transmitted to a BAS or similar…

A-Series* II AMP1 Integrated Power & Energy Meter

The factory installed AMP1 meter is a completely integrated solution ideal for tenant billing and cost allocation.

Spectra* Series Power Panelboards

Offer plug-in and bolt-on style interiors for use in all Spectra Series* Power Panelboard applications.

Spectra* Series Integrated Submetering Panelboard

Suitable for either new construction or retrofit, the Spectra Series Integrated Submetering Panelboard combines the benefits of a multi-tenant digital meter with a reliable…

AC Disconnects

Plastic AC Disconnects

Versatile in application – use with air conditioners, water heaters etc.

Steel AC Disconnects

Fusible and Non-Fusible AC Disconnects allow you to easily and safely disconnect the power to your AC units as needed for maintenance.

Disconnect Switches

HPC*, New Generation, High Pressure Contact Fusible

Available in frame ratings of 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000A, both top and bottom feed, with IC ratings to 200kA with the appropriate UL Class L fuses.

QMW/QMR Premium & Heavy Duty

30 – 600A. 240, 480, 600Vac, 250Vdc.

FD1 IEC Fusible

Configured for UL CC and J, and CSA fuses, they are available in 30A through 200A sizes.

IEC Disconnect

The ML disconnects are UL508 manually operated horse power rated IEC disconnect switches available in 5 amperage frames from 25A through 125A.

IEC Non-Fusible

Non-fusible DILOS IEC disconnect switches are designed principally for use in group mounting configurations with other DIN-rail mounted devices, although they can also be..

Safety Switches

Spec Setter* General Duty

Type TG general duty safety switches are designed for residential and light commercial applications where duty is not severe.

Spec Setter* Heavy Duty

Type TH heavy duty safety switches are designed for commercial and industrial applications where safety, high performance and continuity of service are essential.

Spec Setter* Mill Duty

Our mill duty safety switches are designed specifically for rugged conditions found in steel mills, cement foundries and process-related environments.

Spec Setter* Double Throw

Type TC and TDT double-throw safety switches are designed for applications with two sources of power where safety, high performance and continuity of service are essential.

Spec Setter* Emergency Power Transfer

Type TC emergency power transfer switches are designed to permit the connection of power from a standby generator or other emergency source of electricity.

Meter Models

Fusible Main Switch Module with Integral Pull Box

Provides a separate pull box compartment, independent of the main switch section, for the utility to terminate its service.

Fusible Main Switch Modules

Serves as a single point of disconnect and overcurrent protection.

GE Meter Stack Modules – Single- and Three- Phase

Consists of 2-6 commonly bussed meter sockets with branch circuit protection.

Main Breaker Modules

Serves as a single point of disconnect and overcurrent protection.

Main Lug Modules

Provides bus-mounted lugs for connection to the utility feed.

Main Pull Box Modules

Serves as the main termination point for utility feed.

Main Tenant Circuit Breakers Meter Mod

Used in Multi-Family applications in conjunction with the Meter Mod III main modules and meter stacks.


Insulated PIN type busbars

Insulated FORK type busbars

Accessories for busbars